You Know You’re A Philly Fan When…

This is an idea that started in my “about me” page. I listed a few things and suggested that if you believed that they were true, you were a Philly fan and would hopefully like my blog. Since this is my blog, I thought I’d take it further. So here we go again, I’ll start by listing the things from my about me page.

You know you’re a Philly fan when:

1. You hate any and all New York (North Jersey) based fanchises.

2. You are still, and we always be bitter about the 2003 NFC Championship game.

3. You will never forget Harry Kalas’ call of the final out of the 2008 World Series. “Swing and a miss struck ‘iimmmmm outttt. The Philadelphia Phillies are 2008 world champions of baseballlll!!!!!!!!!”

4. You forgive Allen Iverson for not wanting to practice.

5. You believe that there is no better look in hockey than missing teeth and long hair.

6. You know deep down Chris Pronger still has that puck from the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals.

7. You shudder at the thought of any puck that finds it’s way towards the net.

8. You hate the Celtics.

9. You can still see Pat Croce standing on the glass of his luxury box in the 2001 NBA playoffs.

10. You rooted far harder for Smarty Jones to win the Triple Crown than you ever thought you could for a horse.

11. Sometimes (read: often) you wonder if we’ll ever win another ring.

12. You know that we’re the most cursed four sport city in history and Boston and the Red Sox can suck it.

13. You know that Chase Utley really is “The Man.”

14. In your mind, Ronde Barber is still running back that pick six – and will keep running until the Eagles win.

15. The 2010 NHL Eastern Conference Semi’s is the greatest comeback in sports history.

16. You do NOT forgive TO, regardless of how he played in the Super Bowl.

17. You truly believe that Brian Dawkins’ alter-ego “Weapon X” is a real life super hero.

18. Your governor cares more about football than the economy.

19. You boo because you care.

20. You’re sick and tired of hearing about snowballs and Santa Claus.

To be continued….

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One Response to You Know You’re A Philly Fan When…

  1. I guess you need to add one more at the end: 21: you read through every single one of the this list.

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