Offseason Musings (That aren’t really musings at all)

So in honor of the summer being unofficially started, I thought I’d honor the Sixer’s Flyer’s and Eagle’s off season by not posting about sports today.

Here are some summer tracks to jam out to on the porch or while grilling some burgers and dogs.

Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar – The Recipe

A$AP Rocky – Trilla

Phish – Down With Disease (12/1/95….possibly my favorite Phish vid on youtube…and I’ve seen a lot)

And, obviously, some George Michael

Ooohhhh yeah, that’s the good stuff. That’s the realllll good stuff.

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Where’s The Doctor? Out.

Halladay is hurtin’.

Roy Halladay is in the midst of one of his worst seasons ever. The Phillies’ righty already has 14 walks and 6 home runs on his way to a 4 and 5 record. Compare this to last season where he only gave up 35 walks and 10 home runs the entire year. It’s pretty obvious that something was wrong. According to ESPN these are his worst numbers since he was a young gun on the Blue Jays. That’s why when Halladay left in the second inning of Sunday’s game against the Cardinals, and subsequently went on the DL for 6-8 weeks, I wasn’t surprised.

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Here’s To Next Year

The Sixers’ season came to an unexpected end on Saturday night, but I mean that in the best way. Nobody expected the Sixers to beat the Bulls in the first round – many maintained this position even after Derrick Rose blew out his ACL – and very few people expected them to compete with the Celtics in round two. So for this group of mostly young guys, fighting to game 7 against the Celtics provided some invaluable experience and surprised a lot of people. Could the Sixers have realistically gone any further than they did? Doubtful, but it does give reason to hope for next year. Let’s take a quick look at the Sixer’s upcoming off season, and examine some possible moves they could make to become a legitimate contender, instead of an overachieving feel good story.

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Hamels v. Harper: The Rematch

As I’m sure most of you baseball fans are aware, Phillies’ pitcher Cole Hamels recently received a 5 game suspension for admitting that he intentionally threw at Washington Nationals rookie Bryce Harper. I’m also sure that most of you know that for a starting pitcher, a 5 game suspension is pretty meaningless, given that pitchers usually only start one out of five games anyway. The reason for the short suspension? Well I think it’s because it really wasn’t a big deal at all. Pitchers throw at hitters all the time – always have and always will. It can be for a myriad of reasons: to send a message, to get revenge, or as Hamels stated, simply as a welcome to the Big Leagues for  snot nosed kids who get too much media attention. Obviously they had to suspend Hamels for throwing at the new golden boy, but deep down, the MLB knows that this is nothing new and really not a big deal. In fact, Hamels was thrown at the next time he went up to the plate in retaliation. It’s just what happens.

Anyway, wednesday marks the first time since the “bean heard ’round the world” that Hamels will start against the Nationals. What will it be like when he faces Harper for the first time? Will Phillies’ fans boo harper? Probably. Unrelated but has Jayson Worth officially ruined himself in Philadelphia? I hope so. These were all questions circulating until Hamels finally faced Harper in the first. The results were well, in a word, underwhelming. Hamels stayed away from Harper on his was to a four hit, eight inning shutout and a Phillies win. While Hamels’ bean proved that he knows how to be old school, on Wednesday he proved that he’s a veteran and he’s mentally tough. He put all the nonsense behind him, and led the Phillies to a much needed win against the Nationals – who if I might say, bare an eery resemblance to the 2007 and 2008 Phillies.

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Looking Back, Thinking Forward

So, the Sixers had a pretty poor showing in Game 5. Their inexperience was on display for the world as they collapsed when the game got tight in the second half. Or maybe, the Celtics’ just proved what veterans they are. Whatever. Either way, the Sixers blew a great chance to steal a game in Boston and have an opportunity to close out the series in Philly. Now they’re fighting for their lives and the Celtics smell blood; And with any veteran team that knows how to win, you do not want to let them smell blood.

I think that’s really proving to be the difference in this series, if one can be singled out. It has to be experience. The Sixers’ youth has won them some games against the aging, nearly decrepit C’s. Yet it seems like experience outweighs youth in these situations. Game 5 was a great example. With their backs against the wall the Celtics channeled some of their championship experience into an electrifying run that had the Sixers barely able to complete a pass on offense, and getting dunked on repeatedly on defense. This does not bode well for tonight’s game. I know this isn’t earth shattering insight, but it’s true.

The Sixers have come back before, however, and will look to do it again tonight. They’ve got the youth, and they’ve got the energy. Let’s hope they can play smart enough, and calm enough, to beat the Celtics at their own game.

What’s with all the Iggy Pictures

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Game Diary: Sixers Celtics Game 5

In a tribute to Bill Simmons, I’m going to try one of his favorite gimmicks – The in-game diary. This is going be a running log of my thoughts and observations while watching Game 5 of the Sixers Celtics series. Let’s Go. (Mind you these are live thoughts – if they’re stupid, biased, or offensive, I apologize, but I tend to get heated while watching these games.) Continue reading

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Fighting Back

Most of the game was brutal – truly, honestly, difficult to watch. After scoring only 12 points in the first quarter it seemed like the Sixers were trying to lose. They weren’t doing anything right. They were turning it over, giving up easy jump shots to the Celtics big three (and others) and not hitting the glass hard. For the Sixers, who aren’t a terrific scoring team in the first place, that combination made for the trifecta for how to get blown out in a playoff game. Oh yeah, and once again, the Sixers only scored 12 points in the first quarter on 3 of 16 shooting. Pathetic. The Sixers were trying to gift-wrap this game; only the Celtics wouldn’t let them. Continue reading

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